Information related to the Corona virus. (This information is updated daily, (last update: 20 May 2020)

To all our dear customers,

As a result of the developments of the Corona virus and the way in which society anticipates this, we have decided to reopen our stores on April 20 with our normal opening hours.

In our stores we follow a strict hygiene policy in accordance with the standards that RIVM has indicated. Below you will find the main points that we monitor. You can of course assume that we regularly disinfect our pin equipment, toilet doors, etc. etc.

We do ask you to take seriously the applicable rules that we have listed below when you visit our business:

  1. Keep at least 1.5 meters but preferably 2 meters away from each other.
  2. Maximum 2 customers at a time in the business
  3. Follow directions from our employees
  4. Think about your and also our health and safety.
  5. Clean your hands after entering.
  6. Have a cold, fever or cough? Sorry, you are welcome at a different time.


We ensure you that all hygienic regulations and advices are taken in our shops.

We wish everyone an optimal dose of health

Kind regards,

Johan Arend and Nathalie Penninkhof