d'Etoiles Casiopé FURIES 22257 Dresses Black

€ 209€ 83,60
€ 209€ 83,60

d'Etoiles Casiopé FURIES 22257 Dresses Black

A wrap dress from Cassiopée in the color black. From the waist a diagonal zipper with pleated fabric is created from the left side which gives a draping effect. This dress can be washed at 30 degrees.


Item number:
72% Polyamide, 28% Elasthan
110 cm / 43,31 inch

Cassiopée is a French brand that uses very flexible and elastic techno materials. This gives a lot of comfort. The dimensions of Cassiopée makes that either a very slim woman as well as a somewhat fuller woman can succeed very well and has a great choice of nice combinations within the collection. With pride we can say that we have the largest range of items of Cassiopée within the Netherlands and of all items all available sizes purchases for our customers.

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