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Transit of the company “Tam & Company is a ladies fashion brand that started in 1986 in the north of Italy. The company was set up by the Cozza family in the province of Vicenza. Transit's clothing is produced almost entirely in Italy to properly monitor the quality requirements of the Transit brand. The women's fashion of this trendy and especially casual fashion brand is known for its high-quality knits and natural colors. The appearance can be both sporty and elegant, depending on the models or the way it is combined. Transit pullovers are available in uni colors or in a mixed pattern of colors, but pronounced prints are almost impossible to find in the Transit collections. The combinations of soft taupe or brown tones with different colors such as white, navy or earth colors ensure that Transit pullovers have a rich appearance and are easy to combine on many trousers and skirts from transit or other brands. The knit structure of Transit pullovers is much more open in the spring than in the autumn. More wool qualities are also used in the autumn and more cotton and viscose qualities are used in the spring. In addition to Transit pullovers, we naturally have an extensive collection of pullovers from other brands such as: Marc Cain pullovers, Peserico pullovers, High everyday couture pullovers, Annette Görtz pullovers or Rundholz pullovers.




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At the end of the nineties Transit was for some time part of the Penninkhoffashion brand package. After a break of several years, Transit has been reintroduced in the brand package at Penninkhof since 2019. Transit is a perfect addition to the beautiful and rich fabrics that, in addition to the pullovers, are mainly reflected in the blazers, trousers, vests and dresses within the range that Penninkhoffashion wants to bring. As penninkhof Transit prefers to describe, elegant but with a clear casual look, it is easy to combine with other brands, but also easy to wear as a set within the total transit collection. The pullovers are made of beautiful natural colors and high-quality materials where cotton, viscose or linen is often used. In short: transit is a brand for every woman who likes trendy and casual fashion.




Our service does not stop with good advice and fast shipping. Safety is a service that is very important to us. During the order and payment of your desired Transit pullover, we guarantee the highest possible security through a special secure payment environment. You have several options to pay here: Ideal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Paypal and Klarna (pay afterwards). You can also choose to pay by bank transfer. After receiving your ordered new pullover, we are always ready for you if you have a question or a problem. You can reach us by telephone between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm on: 0570-592339

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