The history of Penninkhof

In 1964 the first Penninkhof shop was opened in Deventer. The shop was in the historic part of Deventer in a little old street called: Kleine Overstraat 35. In the first year, Penninkhof mode sold only leg wear, but after this first year we changed that in fashion for women. After 5 years of increasing success we decided to take the big step for opening a bigger shop in the middle of the center in Deventer. Until the end of the 80’s we focussed our stores on the daily women fashion.

A jovial atmosphere in our shops with an interior based on oakwood and warm colors. Big shops of a minimum of 800 m2 and multiple departments with even a bridal department.

In the early nineties it was decided to change course. In 8 years, the formula has slowly but surely changed. A luxurious look with only collections from the high segment, where everyone who wants to wear the latest fashion but still wants to distinguish themselves can go to. It was also decided to expand the formula "Andorra" (our shoe store) to other stores when an opportunity arose. This has resulted in a perfect combination of clothing and shoe stores with their own identity.

At the beginning of 2020, a first interpretation was given to our wish to give our top brands a special place within our businesses. With the opening of the "High store" in Arnhem, we can bring almost the entire collection of this creative brand in a High atmosphere combined with our Penninkhof concept.

We made our debut on the internet in 2005. In this year we launched our website: and we started experimenting with the possibilities of the internet. In mid-2010, the decision was taken to start our own webshop. The high quality requirements that the webshop had to meet meant that the preparation time for the webshop was a long way. It was launched in the Netherlands at the beginning of October 2011. The success of this means that at the beginning of 2014 we also opened a French-language and an English-language webshop and in October 2016 a German-language site. From this moment on we serve our customers in Europe but also worldwide.

With the implementation of those changes there was continual one priority where we took the time to look at. A optimal atmosphere creating for our customers in all off the aspects and none of the concessions ………..of the quality standards that we offer the client.

Welcome on our web shop to see the results of continue anticipate the wishes of our clients.


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