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The German couple Carsten and Lenka Rundholz founded the Rundholz brand in Germany in 1993. An original and creative women's fashion brand with 3 different labels: Rundholz, Rundholz DIP and Rundholz Black Label in different price levels. The choice of high quality natural materials and quirky creativity means that every woman who wants to dress outside the usual standards of fashion can make Rundholz one of her favorite brands. In our search for women's fashion in combination with creativity and originality Penninkhofmode started the collaboration with Rundholz in 2019. The brand Rundholz can easily be combined with other brands such as High, Transit and Annette Görtz at Penninkhofmode and can also be combined with our shoe brands such as Arche, AGL or Kennel and Schmenger.


Find your favorite Rundholz item easily online in our webshop.


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Rundholz has been included in the total collections of since 2019 and is constantly being expanded to what we bring now. Penninkhofmode has the most extensive Rundholz collection in the Netherlands and you will always find all sizes of the collections that we buy. We often experience that when customers purchase the latest fashion items from Rundholz, they are very satisfied with the high quality and exclusivity of this beautiful brand.

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