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Marc Cain is an exclusive German top brand in the current women clothing. A brand that can entirely dress every woman with their beautiful and feminine themes. The collection of Marccain is split into Marc Cain and Marc Cain sports. Both of these clothing lines have each every season at least 6 themes. The exclusive printings of Marc Cain are unique and are designed and developed by themselves. Each theme includes trousers, skirts, vests, blazers and shirts and each theme can be combined with solid and printing. Marc Cain can also be worn both elegant and sporty and is suitable for every woman. The beautiful qualities of fabrics and the perfect fits are a pleasure to wear. 




We at Penninkhofmode sell the brand Marc Cain in our stores for over more than 25 years. We are known by the customer in our fashion stores and web shop that we have all the themes with all different sizes from size 34 up to size 44. When it is possible we offer the customer the size 46. This makes us having the largest collection of Europe beside the Marc Cain shops and every season we offer the customer a choice of over more than 400 different models in stock from all the different lines which this brand brings on the market.  




100% Made in Germany: Innovation in 3D Knitting Technology

Marc Cain utilizes advanced 3D knitting technology in Germany to produce a selection of shawls seamlessly. This technique, used for part of our shawl collection, minimizes material waste and reduces the ecological footprint. The entire production in Germany ensures lower transportation emissions and grants these shawls the coveted "100% Made in Germany" label.

Rethink Together: Sustainability as a Core Value

A portion of our shawl collection carries the "Rethink Together" label, which underscores our ongoing commitment to sustainability. Each year, Marc Cain succeeds in increasing the percentage of products that meet this label by:

Sustainable Materials: Shawls under this label are made from at least 50% sustainable material that meets strict standards.

Environmentally Friendly Production Processes: These shawls are produced using strict chemical management and efficient methods that minimize environmental impact.

Social Responsibility: Marc Cain ensures that these shawls are produced by partners who adhere to strict social standards.

Commitment to High-Quality Materials

Marc Cain's shawls are crafted from Italian yarns, renowned for their superior quality and luxurious feel, essential for the refinement of each shawl. This meticulous selection ensures that our shawls are not only aesthetically appealing but also durable.

Balance Between Global and Local Production

The production of Marc Cain shawls illustrates our balance between global and local production, with 63% produced in Europe. This supports local economies and ensures high-quality control. The remainder is manufactured in carefully selected factories outside Europe, where collaboration with global partners guarantees top quality and craftsmanship.




Our service will not stop with a good advice and a fast shipment. Keeping your personal details secure during and after placing your order is also a top priority for us.
During the order and payment of your requested scarve from the latest collection we guarantee the highest possible security through a special secure payment environment. You have different possibilities to pay: Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Paypal. Otherwise you can choose to transfer the amount by bank. After receiving the order of your new scarve we are always there for the customer if you have a question or a problem. You can contact us by telephone between 08:30 AM and 17:30 PM on the number +31 570592339

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