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The High everyday couture brand is known for its trendy and original women's fashion. High is located near Rimini in Italy. The designers, including Claire Campbell, who started their careers at Girbaud, wanted to express their ideas and fashion sense with the introduction of the High brand. The result is a very high-quality brand with original and new designs. Each article is a unique expression of fashion sense and a pleasure to the eye. The trousers and jeans as well as the coats, blouses and cardigans have a constant expression of originality. The materials used by the High brand can sometimes be very sporty, but high-quality techno materials are also used with a lot of elastane processing. A woman can dress trendy but also elegant with this brand. The High pullovers are often in unique and exclusive prints, the colors of which perfectly match the seasonal colors of the moment. Typical High details such as separate stitching or sleeve design can often be found in a pullover. High only uses high quality materials and yarns and many of the pullovers are made in Italy.


Find your favorite High item easily online at our webshop.


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High has been part of the total collections of since 2010 and has been continuously expanded to what we now bring. In 2020, High started a High shop with us in Arnhem next to the Penninkhof store. Penninkhofmode therefore has the most extensive High collection in the Netherlands and you will find all sizes of the pullovers that we purchase with us. If you are looking for a High pullover or another item that is not available in our webshop, you can always call us to ask if we can order it for you. We have direct access to the High stock in Italy. High is basically for every woman who can enjoy fashion and quality. We often experience that when customers buy a pullover from High, they become a fan of this beautiful brand. We also have beautiful pullovers from other brands such as: Marc Cain pullovers, Peserico pullovers, Transit pullovers and Annette Görtz pullovers.




Our service does not stop with good advice and a fast shipment of your pullover. Safety is a service that is very important to us. During your order and payment of your high pullover, we guarantee the highest possible security through a special secure payment environment. You have several options to pay here: Ideal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Paypal and Klarna (pay afterwards). You can also choose to pay by bank transfer. After receiving your order, we are always ready for you if you have a question or a wish.

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