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The brand High is known for its trendy and original womens clothing. Near Rimini in Italy is High settled. The designers who have started their career at Girbaud, introduced the brand High with the  wish to express their ideas and fashion sense in a better way. The result is a very high quality brand with original and new designs. Each item is an unique expression of fashion sense and a pleasure for the eye. Both the trousers or jeans as well as the coats, blouses and vests are a constant expression of originality. The fabrics which the brand High uses can sometimes be very sporty but there are also high-quality techno fabrics used with much processing of elastane. A woman can dress trendy but also elegant with this brand.

High is since 2010 included in the assortment of Penninkhof and from that time constantly extended to what we sell now. We have compiled the most comprehensive High collection of the Netherlands and you'll find all sizes of items on our webshop. High is basically for any woman of fashion and quality. We often experience that when customers once purchases something from  this brand, they become a fan of High 

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