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The German couple Carsten and Lenka Rundholz founded the Rundholz brand in Germany in 1993. An original and creative women's fashion brand with three different labels: Rundholz, Rundholz DIP, and Rundholz Black Label at various price levels. The choice of high-quality natural materials and distinctive creativity allows any woman who wants to dress outside the standard norms of fashion to make Rundholz one of her favorite brands. In our quest for women's fashion that combines creativity and originality, Penninkhofmode initiated a collaboration with Rundholz in 2019. The Rundholz brand easily combines with other brands at Penninkhofmode such as High, Marc Cain, and Annette Görtz and also goes well with our footwear brands like Arche, Attilio Giusti Leombruni, or Kennel and Schmenger.




Rundholz is redefining the standard for shirts with a collection that shows perfect synergy between style, quality, sustainability, and ethical responsibility. These shirts are crafted with a strong emphasis on using sustainable materials and ensuring ethical production processes. Rundholz is committed to reducing the ecological footprint and improving working conditions, distinguishing itself in the fashion world. Each shirt combines practical elegance with modern design elements, suitable for the fashion-conscious consumer who values both aesthetics and moral principles. Rundholz shirts not only make a style statement but also a social responsibility statement, contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.




Since 2019, Rundholz has been included in the total collections of and has been continuously expanded to what we now offer. Penninkhofmode has the most extensive Rundholz collection in the Netherlands, and you will always find all sizes of the shirts we purchase here. We often find that when customers buy the latest shirts from Rundholz, they are very satisfied with the high quality and exclusivity of this beautiful design brand.

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