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The luxury French footwear brand Arche, established in 1960, is renowned for its comfortable and stylish shoes. The natural rubber soles are a hallmark, making Arche shoes exceptionally comfortable to wear. Nearly all production takes place in Château-Renault, just north of Tours in France, with a smaller portion of production in Hungary. Arche is known for its high standards of quality, evident in the superior quality of the leather and suede used. Every pair of shoes from the Arche collection is designed to be both durable and elegant, making every step a pleasure. During factory visits, we are consistently impressed by the traditional shoemaking techniques: manually cutting the leather, applying glue to the latex to attach the leather, and many other manual processes that contribute to the exceptional quality of Arche shoes. Each product undergoes rigorous quality controls to ensure every customer receives the best.




Arche's shoe collection is extensive and varied, with classic models like Laius, Dato, Larazo, Baryky, Fanhoo, Lilly, and Barroo forming the basis of the offering. Each season, Arche's stylists create new, trendy models that respond to the latest fashion trends. This approach has led Arche to sometimes be seen as a trendsetter within the footwear industry, with bold colors and innovative models that stand out. Continuous innovation in design combined with timeless classics ensures that each collection remains fresh and relevant. We also have an extensive collection of shoes from other beautiful brands such as: Kennel & Schmenger, AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni, Evaluna, Cervone and La Cabala.




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Arche’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and ecological responsibility is evident in every aspect of production. All leather used by Arche is sourced from Europe, ensuring that it meets high environmental and ethical standards. The rubber for the soles comes from sustainably managed rubber tree plantations, reflecting the brand’s commitment to ecological stewardship. Arche believes that true quality is achieved only when products are made with respect for both nature and the people involved. This philosophy extends throughout the supply chain, ensuring that all materials and processes minimize environmental impact while enhancing community welfare. The spring 2024 collection continues to embody these principles, offering footwear that is not only stylish and durable but also responsibly made.




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You can find our extensive range of Arche shoes in our stores in Zwolle and Arnhem, where you can try on all the models in your size and feel the different types of leather. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to provide you with expert advice. If you are looking for a specific model that is not in stock, we can almost always reorder it for you. You can also easily view and order all models of Arche shoes through our online shop, where you will benefit from a secure https connection during the payment process. With payment options such as Ideal, Mastercard, Visa, and more, we guarantee a smooth and secure transaction. Our service includes not just sales but also excellent customer support after purchase.

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