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Arche is known for its comfort and beautiful models of shoes with their own interpretation of fashion, but especially the Arche brand has become known for the natural latex soles that ensure that Arche shoes run so smoothly. The French company was founded in 1960 and almost all production is still in France, just north of Tours in the town of Chateau Renault. A small part of the production in Hungary. Quality is a top priority for Arche and this is reflected in the high-quality qualities of the leather and suede that ensure that every pair of Arche shoes is a pleasure to walk on. Every time we visit the factory, we are impressed by the craft of shoe making. Most leather is cut by hand, the glue is manually spread on the latex before attaching the leather, and so many other parts of the process that are done by hand. There is a quality check after every operation. Arche shoes are rightfully a high quality product. The Arche collection is very extensive. In addition to classic models such as the Laius and the Dato, the stylists create new trendy models every season. Since 2016, in addition to many common models, there is also much more room for design models. Distinctive colors in combination with trendy models mean that Arche is sometimes even a trendsetter in shoe fashion.




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Arche has been part of our shoe fashion collection for over 30 years. This means that we now have the largest collection of Arche shoes in the Netherlands. Arche ballerinas also come in several models. The Arche Laius model is the most famous, which can be found in our collection for more than 25 years. This Arche ballerina has a slightly raised heel for comfort. In our webshop you will find the Laius in more than 20 different colors and prints and in different materials. Ballerinas with perforated leather can also often be found in the Arche collection. The inside of the ballerinas is always unlined. We buy all sizes of ballerinas from size 35 to size 43 and where possible (pumps and ballerinas with heel) also half sizes. Without exception, the ballerinas from Arche are made of the highest quality leather. Often qualities such as Hunter, Nubuck or rocky are used, but some models are also made of deer leather because of the very flexible quality. We also have an extensive collection of ballerinas from other beautiful brands such as: Kennel & Schmenger ballerinas, Panara ballerinas and Evaluna ballerinas.


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You can easily and easily view and order all ballerinas from Arche at our online shop. During the payment procedure you will enter a highly secure environment via an https connection which is supported by the banks. You can choose from several payment options such as: Ideal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Paypal, Apple Pay and bank transfer. You can also pay afterwards in the Netherlands via Klarna. After the order of your ballerinas has been confirmed and paid, your order will be delivered within 3 working days.

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